Friday, June 30, 2006


I appear to be in fibrillation, twitter some meaningless activity here, potter aimlessly there, teeter round grocery shopping in my newly refound heels (I must have bought them and forgotten about them, the shame of it). We are going to Mendocino tomorrow for the long weekend so I am trusting the children to refresh me.

Last night as I was dragging the ficus pot to a sunnier place a little frog popped out of it, quite dark, and no bigger than the top of my thumb. I explained but it shot me a streetwise look and hopped off into the undergrowth. I am charmed, maybe we will have frogspawn, and then tadpoles in among the water lilies!

I made biscuits/cookies yesterday as part of general twitching, and of course I have eaten some, so maybe my Brownian Motion is due to sugar poisoning. and I was doing so well.

In the Battle of the Deer I have constructed three mesh cages and fixed them over what I call pittosporum and the deer call breakfast. I can't say they improve the look of the garden. I also poked the sewage pump with a long stick but gave up and called the plumber back. Fixing it would be a feather in my skill set, but on the other hand...


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