Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Inner World

Well, this is a strange, dreamy day. I collected four rolls of fabric from Caroline but can't start until I check the measurements. I have updated my okcupid profile. Kevin has sussed the electrical works but I can't do much more until he can do it, and it is a lovely day so I might just sit and watch the birds.

Current mental preoccupations:
wondering if I can track down old friends (no luck),
wondering if I really want to continue creating a garden on that slope, as then I'll have to look after it,
wondering if the artichokes have spent so long being heraldic and decorative that they are now inedible,
wondering how many people I can impress by casually mentioning we saw Dead Man's Chest already, in preview, nyahhh -
wondering what Kevin meant when he said I was 'a piece of work'. He praised what I had done, so I think I am not understanding. No speak ingles.
wondering what I am doing with my drab, wasted life. Couldn't I save the world?


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