Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hazards of Research

A chance name came up in our conversation yesterday - quite a salon, 4th of July, fireworks from Tiburon to Berkeley - so I Googled. Oh dear oh dear, the taking little boy I remembered is now sporting a double chin and a toga, Nero to the life.

He did crack Balliol so maybe this is a generation thing.

My chief memory of his family is that his mother always wore tennis shoes no matter the garments, and I attributed this to her being American (in NW1, in the 80s). Looking back, I think she was Depressed, real depression with occasional rage. Maybe she simply didn't like me. It certainly was prudent to be wary of her.

Happier Memory Lane: Natalie's wedding photos show Liz and Patrice in fine form, degeneration is not inevitable.

Also Lachlan's graduation pics. God Bless the Internet. Scritti Politti.


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