Saturday, July 22, 2006


Too hot to think, back from Mexico last night and it is worse up here! 110 degrees.

We had a wonderfully productive week, and I know more than I used to about stem cells and Tijuana. The Hospital Angeles there is state of the art, the Lucerna hotel palatial with the best hotel breakfast I have had - Mexican dishes, fruit and traditional stuff. Gustavo introduced me to a tripe dish that was heavenly - yes, for breakfast! I was the only one who would eat it, and it was their loss.

The big and unexpected news is that Stefan received stem cells for his asthma, I filmed it while he directed me from his bed of discomfort. Let's see what happens, I am keeping a detailed diary with his PFM and reactions. He seems tired today, but we did work hard on this trip. I loved it. I was disappearing up my own backside with painting and rearranging domestically.

Felix kept the cat alive and watered lavishly so all was green and thriving except my cheapo swing seat, which cracked in a stiff wind. I shall miss it. Loved seeing how much the vine had grown, though.


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