Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Swan Inn

Doesn't it sound romantic? Beside the Tithe Barn, just up from the swannery, but it smells of old cigarette smoke. Not to be ungrateful for an internet connection courtesy of Dorset CC.

I should really try to be more connected to what we have been doing, but I have just been enjoying it, didn't even enter my diary until today. Highlights: Lachlan came to dinner on Wednesday, and since I seem to see him only at seven year intervals there was a loty of catching up to do. He has promised to come through San Francisco on his way back to Australia.

The most delightful household task ever is picking sweet peas.

We had fresh crab yesterday from Brian at the Post Office, he is a brilliant cook and asked us to try a crab pasty he was experimenting with. Well! It is hard to imagine anything more delicious, hot, buttery and flaky, with the freshest filling... Most of our food is local, bacon by the slice, the eggs of course, tomatoes from Tricia Wilkes, apples from another friend with blackberries from the lane. I have not yet caught a mackerel.


Anonymous Norma said...

does sound a treat! stefan posted the bali and book - i owe you $36 for the postage as well as whatever they cost. will take it all to m'bah on thursday and am looking forward to reading the fonda book. love to June. love from Norma

10:26 PM  

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