Friday, October 06, 2006


After the high tragic tone of thinking I was losing my mind a bit at a time comes the mundane reality: high cholesterol.

Maybe Camille had high cholesterol.

So I am clear to work, fly, drive and generally throw myself around, and my mum can stop worrying. Before all that I shall use the hand casting kit I got for my birthday, while the fingernails are still intact. Then I shall do a little gardening.

I was very touched at all the kindness and rallying round I have had, that Will drove up on Tuesday night, and Felix came home early and all the flowers and cleaning they did. I still have to call back several friends, but I can feel myself coming out of my anti-social funk with the good news. And I resolve to enjoy myself more.

There is a ruby-throated hummingbird which works the geraniums and lavender on the front deck, busy and fearless. It is things like that which make life worth while.


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