Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am honoured! Extended Thanksgiving will be here this November 23, with Will and Jessica and Aunt No and Uncle John. Will and Jessica will therefore spend Christmas and her birthday up at the cabin with her parents.

I shall have to brush up on my pies again. I don't think getting them from Costco is good enough.

I am feeling far bouncier since I saw Dan and he gave me many injections. Completely mesmerised by the dark field microscopy. It is fascinating to see my own blood, lovely plump little red cells, the disheartening fatty debris and the occasional dark, brooding Death Star. Crystals, bacteria - no fungus though. Phew. Many small clots though, hence the echo-cardiogram.

More semi-medical inspirations: the MRI made me feel like a mouse in an organ pipe. cosy and warm, then, blam! Toccata and Fugue! And oompa-loompas tapping code and singing. I think I detected the universal Om in there, while I drifted. I fixed my mind in the obscure L.M.Montgomery I picked up in St Patrick's thrift shop a few days ago, and drifted happily in spirit over Prince Edward Island. Maybe one day I will visit it.

This morning we need to shoot my account of Stefan's stem cell progress. Better put some lippy on.


Anonymous Jessica said...

I'm looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with you! I'm happy to help with the pies. I love baking. And I have a recipe for the most delicious cranberry relish ever (said in all modesty).

I went to Prince Edward Island last year, having wanted to go my whole life thanks to L.M. Montgomery. I highly recommend visiting it. Everything there is so vivid, like the moment in Wizard of Oz when everything changes from black and white to Technicolor. You can check out my PEI photos (though I'm afraid they don't really capture the vibrancy of being there).

9:45 PM  
Blogger suscipe said...

Did I spell Aunt No correctly? I am intrigued.

Well, I can't go Costco now with the pies, can I, I'm rumbled. So yes, please, I would love some help, and cranberry relish.

I have a subterranean worry that I might be disappointed in PEI, so vivid is it in my mind. I am always disappointed in a film if I have read the book first, could that feeling transfer to a landscape? And I love Sarah Jewett's Maine, and once again I haven't been. Yet.

I think I will order every L.M. Montgomery novel I can find second-hand on Amazon.

7:47 PM  

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