Friday, October 06, 2006


What IS pleasure? It really bears thinking about.

I suddenly remembered that when June and I went to Winchester Cathedral two weeks ago we happened on choral evensong and sat in bliss until the sermon, which we skipped and had coffee in the cloisters instead.

Felix has reconfigured my iPod, so I'll see if I can manage better this time round. I so love listenig to music in peace, uninterrupted. I am listening to Dvorak, Song to the Moon since it is full moon. and it is like a tightrope through the heavens.

The cast of my right hand is fascinating, positively creepy and decidedly my hand, I would know it anywhere. This afternoon Carolyn said she doesn't recognise herself any more, I know exactly what she means, is it something in the times, the configuration of planets? As if individual identity is confining. My greatest joy is in observing beautiful things, and all the busyness, even creativity is muted, everything is sensation like a gift from outside myself, and I melt into it until there is no self left. Like buttah.


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