Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mucky Mouse

I seemed to hit the keyboard with great verve and enthusiasm this morning despite not being able to make head nor tail of Google spreadsheets (how do I NAME a column? Surely that is 101).

In a momentary creative lull I doodled away at my keyboard with damp cloths and cotton wool buds and it is gratifying how much better it looks - in the light of the new overdesk Daylight striplight Stefan created, complete with matt black baffles so the light goes in a slit on the keyboard, not on the screen or into my eyes.

The mouse. I couldn't believe the filth. Much Mrs Meyers and GoofOff later, I seem to have stripped it of some degraded outer layer, and it took a toothpick to clear the grooves. It is like a skinned rabbit.

Even more fun was putting a new board into Stefan's computer: one little board, but to get to it we had to take out the four drives, the fan assembly and two memory boards, so while I was at it I vacuumed out as much dust as I could reach with my little computer vacuuming adaptor. I hope to heaven it all works now.

This is what we did: http://www.newertech.com/Static/articles/article_macenstein_eSATA.html


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