Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking my Duck!

Back in sunny California (Stefan swears it rained every day I was away) I looked up 42 degrees Celsius, and it was 107!! No wonder I was having trouble with the heat in Oz!

My blogging difficulties come from backlog, especially since I had such trouble downloading my photos. I want to start at the beginning which is so far back! So first, Sydney, where I stayed with Paddy in her achingly chic new apartment in Edgecliff, then we drove through Berrima, had lunch in Bowral with Minty, then drove on to Yass to visit old school friend Helen, and meet up with ditto Annabel (the cleverest girl in the class) and none of us had changed a bit...

The next day we went to the Impressionists in Canberra, then to the National Portrait Gallery and marvellous modern Supreme Court - curious juxtaposition born home by a self-portrait of Alan Bond. We spent the night in a family-run motel in Wadonga then set out to visit my brother Colin in Gisborne, which shall be another chapter.


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