Saturday, December 12, 2009


What a busy week, Stefan editing flat out, and I was trying to keep up with orders while maintaining a happy working atmosphere for clients, scrubbing the curry off the table before I could put my precious white linen on it again, providing cups of tea and soothing words.

I am so thrilled with my secondary work area and have been refining it, cutting the tabletop back and rounding the front corners so it fits the space. I have a better cloth on it - actually the pale denim that was the original headboard, how neat - and have ordered many cunning little hooks from, I recommend them. I don't think I need a curtain over the glass section of the door, I can always hear people coming so shouldn't be startled, and I'll put up a little mirror opposite as well, good feng shui. As soon as the new battery is in the camera I will take some photos.

My main need is a neat little chair since we stretch the use of the existing ones, and I need to re-jig the covers of the table for its dual role of potting/ironing.


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