Sunday, November 01, 2009


Up with the lark to see owls yesterday, which certainly doesn't sound right. We were filming for WildCare, a favorite client: Juan-Carlos had two stuffed owls and buckets of owl pellets, tweezers and probes, about twenty excitable children and their parents, all in the Miwok Meadows at China Camp under enormous mossy bay laurels. It was fascinating to see the children - even the most rambunctious - so engrossed in teasing tiny skulls, teeth, pelvic bones out of the wodges of fur and feather. Juan-Carlos explained it all in English and in Spanish and I even understood some of the Spanish, hearing it like that.

It really makes work easy to have beautiful little children, low sunlight streaming through the trees in a beautiful setting, as opposed to, say, shooting the manufacture of faggots, all mixers full of offal and grey gravy. Much easier.


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