Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Typhoon and Autumn

The past few days we have been able to revel in the exuberance of autumn, a cool buffeting breeze when we walk along the bay, at a good pace because we are not lethargic with heat. I love the feeling of my clothes on my body, the urge to make soup, the smell of woodsmoke again and today blessed rain, the tail end of a typhoon in Japan, who would have thought.

Yesterday the marina was busy with people battening down the hatches, and I took in the summer cushions from the deck, unhooked my ropes of buoys and painters since they bang in a high wind, finally put boxes and the pole-cam base into the store room, stored the umbrella, folded the chairs, all with a busy, joyful heart like Little Grey Rabbit. We saw the fields laid bare and waste, my sisters.


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