Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Galloping into Autumn

It has certainly been busy here, with Elly from Aups (gone into San Fran this morning on the ferry), Andre and X'xenia from Moscow (went back on Sunday), and a sudden influx of work and new clients - so welcome! We have one more day of shooting for the first Fortunatus film, then Angel Island on Saturday, then the Kidney Foundation, Nancy Pelosi which will be soooo interesting. Has the recession ended?

Lots of sewing too, finally assembling the wavy-edged bordered linen bedspread for Carolyn's clients (every adjective seemed to add to its complexity), sixteen very, very short curtains on grommets for a boat in Sausalito, and this morning doll's clothes for a client who mother used to sew for her grand-daughter but sadly died, so it was all Peter Pan collars and lace-edged pantaloons today. I have a delivery to make, supplies to buy, ten custom cushions for the Duxiana display which should look very handsome, I love the colours, chocolate and caramel, and keeping up with and all the lovely comments which will make my head swell.

You can tell I am procrastinating here at the computer, can't you!


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