Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Turn of the Year

We have just passed the milestone of Labor Day long weekend, the first day of which I stayed in my nightie with the front door locked, cutting out cushions, reading, generally being anti-social, very reviving. On Sunday we went to Kyra's sixth birthday party and met loads more neighbours - what a wonderful community this is! - and in the evening lethal cocktails and dinner in Mary Mary's glorious garden (photos on http://www.cabinonthewater.blogspot.com). Stefan has really captured the essence of it, tamed jungle!

Yesterday I finally repainted the kitchen, although I lightened the paint I had chosen, drastically. We went out at mid-day for a walk and to deliver Kyra's photos to Trip and Amy and on the way discovered Mary back from Burning Man, trying to adjust to the lesser reality, so we stopped and chatted, then on to Mary Mary to ransom Stefan's hat: he had to stand modestly while she enthused about his photos - actually, she raved - so he was tremendously tickled and has agreed to take more for her website, to convey the glorious abundance and mystery she creates which is not coming across at the moment.

On the way back Carolyn spotted us from Mary's house and we joined them for lunch, Carolyn just back from Monterey. We rolled home to cutting in and second coats and Mary Burroughs dropped in, then Carolyn on her way back from shopping to see how the bias edging on her commission was working out.

All in all a wonderful weekend, and I barely cooked!


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