Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Intentions

This morning I doled out sage household advice to my violet-eyed sister (who was whacked in the eye by her own stove) and it rebounded onto me so I have been bottoming areas untouched for years.

First I cut and primed new trim to replace the rotten piece on the South-East corner Elly had pointed out to me, then I scraped and primed the end of the roof beam which had sported a strange standing pipe (to hold a flag?). In the fullness of time I want to carve a figurehead and mount it there, but priming exposed wood is a good modest way to start.

I scoured myself, bedding, all towels etc to get rid of all traces of Disease, vacuumed and all that normal stuff, so here I am at lunch time with really, very little to show for it. All I have done is get to stasis. Disheartening.

Sort my two large laundry hampers of fabrics and textiles
Clean out my kitchen drawers since they seem to be filling up with fluff and crumbs
Get all my books in one place
Cull magazines, again
Get all my CDs in one place


Blogger Will Sargent said...

I love you. You are awesome. :-)

5:32 PM  

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