Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The world is spinning: I am suddenly seeing our only door as the back door, because that way I can use the hall like a room, for gardening things, and potting up, as a much more intimate, homely, utilitarian space. It is big enough.

It started because I couldn't find a place for my pretend French pot rack, which has now been sanded and waxed and has turned out beautifully. The only place I could think to put it was in our 6' by 9' front hall, opposite the front door - a space which also holds the big laundry cupboard. Suddenly with the pot rack and the ironing table (put here purely to get it out of the living room while we were photographing), it turned into something warmer, more purposeful, and I could envisage the table as a potting table, and the door as a door onto the garden, not a fortress front door to keep strangers out, something that has to be barricaded and watched.

I don't really like people.

So just by juggling the furniture, I realise what a misanthrope I am, and how suspicious I have been all this time about the front door (it lets people in: was it it really on my side?), and how much more I own the hall now that it has a purpose.


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