Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Over now, fun and very productive. In the morning we had the pleasure of overhearing Allen on his clarinet - what a welcome addition! The fun was all the friends who called in, or whom we met walking Buckley, or in the street, all the champagne and cake, then wine and rather weird snacks into the night as Marz has wanted a website for a while, so Stefan got her one and it wasn't planned.

I suppose we were all so sociable because the weather has been so heavenly everyone in the neighborhood has been out walking around, smelling the blossom and just generally catching up. All the doors were open, I painted the panels for Stefan's new over-desk lights out on the deck, then cut the baffles and edged them with my Dremel before finally coming to grips with the new casing for Will's Chumby, now glued and clamped.

Tomorrow is a holiday as well - I wonder what we will find to do?


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