Saturday, December 13, 2008

HIgh Tides

Full moon yesterday and the highest tides of the year, so I set off in my kayak over an abundance of silky rippling water.

The previous day we were shooting at Spring Hill in the morning, glorious golden light, working on tender green grass, setting the spacing of the new vineyard with plastic knives marking each spot - yup, apparently that's how it is done. Flags placed by laser mark each row, and then the uprights, irrigation and vines follow. In the evening we visited Jamie and Kristen for the sequence of him cold-calling to find vineyards and fruit for next season; saw some of the rushes today and the footage bowls me over, which worries me that all my geese are swans.

All this sounds as though life has been exciting and full and it hasn't been for me, I am edgy and snappy and under-stimulated. The kitchen is spotless, the cat thoroughly bathed and Advantixed after I discovered FLEAS, the table under a satisfying welter of fabrics and threads. Maybe it is just the Scrooge in me resurfacing, or maybe I feel guilty in advance for chickening out on Christmas this year. Under-socialised.


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