Friday, November 07, 2008

Mountain Thunder

Twelve of us are at Tim and Angela's, working off lunch in the hammock, garden and on the verandah, before embarking on dinner. We went rowing early in the morning, four of us in a quad with Tim as the largest cox in captivity, the the day became oppressively hot until it broke in a spectacular tropical thunderstorm, a tarantella of rain on the roof and rolling stereo thunder. Now the rain is easing off, the air is rich with gardenia, honeysuckle and jasmine, the hens are in a nervous twitter, and thick mist like smoke is rising off the mountains, fold on fold.

Colin and Brian are back from the mountain, Judy, Lachlan and Jessica back from the surf, and despite the amount we have eaten already, dinner is a very attractive idea.

I hope we can row again tomorrow - or maybe go out in the Hobiecats.


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