Thursday, October 30, 2008

White Fang

As if the vile smell emanating from Suscipe were not enough, I warn people not to pick her up as her fits are sadly more frequent. One soft-hearted man ignored me and took her on his lap, she immediately convulsed and I turned to see him standing with Suscipe dangling by her teeth from his hand and spraying the front of his trousers with rather a lot of urine. I took the back of her neck which always calms her a little, and held her flailing, lethal back legs til she quieted (I'm getting better at this), then washed him down and bandaged him up. One tooth had gone clear through the side of his finger.

He took pains to tell me the next day that he was on antibiotics and his doctor said it could be serious. Wussy. She has bitten me to the bone.


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