Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to Earth

After all the effort and concentration of the past week I grounded myself by scraping out the joints of the three doorways onto the deck and caulking them. While I was there I took down a strange metal pole which dangled down from the apex of the roof, caulked the third outdoor light and generally tweeked and tidied, primed the new wood. Very relaxing.

I had a real crisis, prompted by the finger of fog which lay precisely over the section of road we had been envisaging as the jewel in the crown as far as the helicopter shoot went. Everything else worked though the grapes gave me some heart-stopping moments, but I was crushed that the wild panorama of the cliffs and the Pacific and the hairpin bends was just not there. It felt like spite - still does. If there is a personal god, he loathes me.

I was behind the camera again yesterday in the winery and captured some shots that were so good I got a frisson right down my spine of pure, deep excitement. We were wound up and drained at the same time, we wisely treated ourselves to a slap-up lunch and came home to good music, political reports and a deep bath. I am trying to memorise metti una sera a cena and it is challenging, the perfect relaxer - reminds me of those jigsaws which are all sky. We leave for Sydney on election day, darling Eileen will be visiting before then so our time is full this week, and then my lovely family and friends in Oz.
I really really really want some R&R.


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