Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Transports of Delight

I have had two today: picking over the stems at the winery, and this afternoon, picking over my selection at

Work was rather an ordeal, everything seemed to go wrong, from discovering that one aerial had gone missing (scavenged some wire from a truck driver and bodged one) to losing the refound wide angle lens AGAIN. Found again again, but since we had to take the Jeep for the four-wheel drive everything was in a muddle, not laid out in the greater space of the truck. If suffering ensures good footage then today we earned our keep.

Back to the transports though, and the fabrics Norma chose for her table runners prompted me to browse for myself. I was rigorous, only bought stuff for the dining chairs (my own), the microfibre for Norma's border which we forgot in our excitement yesterday and some um, linen I couldn't resist.

Must clean all the gear again, since fine dust got everywhere, and we were liberally scattered with grape juice once more, and it mixed into a kind of porridge.

Off to buy wire and conduit for my first attempt at wiring, outdoor lights on the waterside deck.


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