Thursday, October 16, 2008


Felix and Will came over to watch the debate and have dinner but the power went out just after it finished, when we were sitting down to eat. So we ate and talked by candlelight, and it was lovely.

Not so lovely was having no power for 7 hours - I heard it snap on at 3am, so I got up and turned off all the forgotten lights then back to bed in blissful knowledge that we were not shooting today.

Instead, I finally made the potato print and worked up all the grape platforms, pleased with the result but now am trying to track down the maximum poundage of black grapes for $100. Yup, round about 100 lbs of grapes - more if I can get them wholesale.

Another cousin - Peter - has surfaced for Stefan! This one has an alpaca farm in Gippsland, and a daughter called Tricia.


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