Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Further Adventures

I won't spare Brian: how many years at sea? and sailing? But he fell into the water at Clarrie Hall Dam, off a HobieCat. A HobieCat. A bit like overturning a barge.

Yesterday mum and I saw 57-59 Tumbulgum Road, beautiful houses on the river just up from the rowing club and Norma, built with a very Young Urban Professional sensibility. They have been on the market for well over a year, and now I know why. Urban, in deep country. Large enough for a family, but deeply unsuitable for children and old folk alike. Perfect for rowers, but only rowers with a lot of rowing friends to stay. So they are not casting a wide net.

All the structural timbers and floors are magnificent reclaimed hardwood, dark and matt, and I loved the priorities and sensibilities (no granite counters! Yeah!). But I would rather buy an old cottage with wide verandahs with my copious-free.

Tim and Angela are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary in the deep peace which follows a family visit. Mum and I are having lunch today with Helga (Angela's mother), over from Connecticut for her six months on the blue Pacific. I have arranged to visit Diti, formerly Annabelle, now a music teacher in Mullumbimby, and I hope to meet Rick and Cathie for the first time at Macquarie, and at last can thank them for their hospitality to Felix. Then on to cousin Peter, and Sydney, at which point we will become very social.

Stefan has been editing all this while, only coming up for air once a day but pleased with his progress.

Souvenirs to date: fetching board shorts for Stefan, a monster jar of Vegemite, and ti-tree deodorant, spelled correctly.

I have issued warm invitations to everyone to stop over in San Francisco on their travels, just not all at once.


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