Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wildlife in My Garden

Nothing motivated me more to get the last section of fence up than a doe who ate my tomatoes and my rosa mutabilis. I encountered her trying to cross the road, so my efforts are as much in her interests as mine.

I scavenged two topiary trees in tubs from prodigal neighbours down the way, who didn't water them then tossed them in spite of valiant signs of green among the die-back. I pruned them hard, composted and watered them generously and they are already looking better. They have a round purple flower a little like a dogwood - I will do some research so I can name them - apart from Gog and Magog of course.

We have eight ducklings from the only pair in the inlet, encouraging though I know there will be casualties. Where are all the other birds? Very few visiting avocets or stilts, egrets of course; the most puzzling absence is ducks.

Satisfying as house renovation is, I would be quite happy to start all over again. Not to move from here, do a second house. I know it is the wrong market etc etc, and maybe my trip to the East Coast with Paddy, visiting Maryna and Margaret will restore my contentment but for now I am twitchy and ungrateful. My heart is really in Istanbul with Norma, can't wait to hear all about it.


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