Saturday, May 10, 2008


Why did it take me so long to redo my office? I now have my monitor on a smaller shelf six inches above the main keyboard shelf, all the wires and gubbins are on another small shelf underneath that. No junk! No storage! I had begun to feel as if I were living in a stationery cupboard.

I still need to wire up the speakers and get electricity to the back wall for the printer and shredder. The best way will be to build a duct around the doorway, disguised as a simple architrave.

Walls and narrow top shelves above the two little windows are Fox Red, same as the main room, and the window and desktops are sludge green, the monitor shelf is aged redwood, with a walnut grid screen left over from the kitchen hiding the wires in between. I need to concoct some unobtrusive mouse mat and do some refinements, then photos.


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