Monday, May 05, 2008

We Went to a Marvellous Party

A most sociable weekend, starting on Saturday with calling in on Mary next door for breakfast, then down to Mary-who-bought-Carolyn's-house to admire and talk about what colour for the new concrete countertops. On to Merryll and Maureen's houses for their garage sale and coffee where I met Mary-Mary who invited us to her garden party yesterday afternoon.

While with Mary E. discussing colour Charlie from the house on her right popped in for a gander, and when I told him how fascinated I have always been with his house (which he is borrowing from Midge) he invited me in for a visit. Far better than I could have imagined - all rough, heavy solid redwood, massive stone and brick fireplace, beams like flying buttresses, lovingly built-in original 20's wardrobes and cupboards, and of course the view, as he like us is oriented the right way towards open bay.

I bought various lovely things at the garage sale and we talked for a long time about gardens, and soil (Mary-Mary is a professional gardener, surprise), and the warden of St Quentin who built here, and the meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the disastrous gate to the lagoon, which restricts the water flow it was meant to enhance.

It is just as well Crazy-Mary sold up and left or we might get confused. The neighbourhood is also united in huff at the McMansion which went up in place of her comfortable redwood cottage.

The garden party was just so sociable and neighbourly, visiting the chickens, admiring the roses and the wonderful new patio. I don't think I ever fully realised how welcoming and grounding is it to know and like your neighbours.


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