Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Galloping into Autumn

It has certainly been busy here, with Elly from Aups (gone into San Fran this morning on the ferry), Andre and X'xenia from Moscow (went back on Sunday), and a sudden influx of work and new clients - so welcome! We have one more day of shooting for the first Fortunatus film, then Angel Island on Saturday, then the Kidney Foundation, Nancy Pelosi which will be soooo interesting. Has the recession ended?

Lots of sewing too, finally assembling the wavy-edged bordered linen bedspread for Carolyn's clients (every adjective seemed to add to its complexity), sixteen very, very short curtains on grommets for a boat in Sausalito, and this morning doll's clothes for a client who mother used to sew for her grand-daughter but sadly died, so it was all Peter Pan collars and lace-edged pantaloons today. I have a delivery to make, supplies to buy, ten custom cushions for the Duxiana display which should look very handsome, I love the colours, chocolate and caramel, and keeping up with and all the lovely comments which will make my head swell.

You can tell I am procrastinating here at the computer, can't you!

Monday, September 21, 2009


The Bath after Buckley
Buckley after the Bath
...and he had many, many fact a lot of those little black dots ARE fleas.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Pain

Elly arrived on Thursday, we took her to Sonoma yesterday, I had a mad panic as my cushions hadn't arrived at Coastal Living so I made four MORE last night and sent them off Fedex overnight today. We had a good walk with Buckley over the ridge this morning, then after lunch the tide was high so we kayaked, and ended up at Mary's for drinks, before other-Mary's party. I FEEL WONDERFUL! NO PAIN!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lust Again
I don't need them or even really want them, I just like the idea of them. Maybe when I have a gigantic craft room.

Friday, September 11, 2009


We drove back from Napa this afternoon in a welter of heat - shimmering air above cars, street, people. When we stopped at the roadworks by Union Street I amused myself by counting the traffic lights for that one little intersection with two controlled left turns.

Obviously there is duplication while they do the work, but the total was twenty-six. Or the heat was getting to me.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Max and Suscipe

Who did what.

The Turn of the Year

We have just passed the milestone of Labor Day long weekend, the first day of which I stayed in my nightie with the front door locked, cutting out cushions, reading, generally being anti-social, very reviving. On Sunday we went to Kyra's sixth birthday party and met loads more neighbours - what a wonderful community this is! - and in the evening lethal cocktails and dinner in Mary Mary's glorious garden (photos on Stefan has really captured the essence of it, tamed jungle!

Yesterday I finally repainted the kitchen, although I lightened the paint I had chosen, drastically. We went out at mid-day for a walk and to deliver Kyra's photos to Trip and Amy and on the way discovered Mary back from Burning Man, trying to adjust to the lesser reality, so we stopped and chatted, then on to Mary Mary to ransom Stefan's hat: he had to stand modestly while she enthused about his photos - actually, she raved - so he was tremendously tickled and has agreed to take more for her website, to convey the glorious abundance and mystery she creates which is not coming across at the moment.

On the way back Carolyn spotted us from Mary's house and we joined them for lunch, Carolyn just back from Monterey. We rolled home to cutting in and second coats and Mary Burroughs dropped in, then Carolyn on her way back from shopping to see how the bias edging on her commission was working out.

All in all a wonderful weekend, and I barely cooked!

Friday, September 04, 2009


Yesterday we went to the East Bay to Ikea, to get onto the water and general outing (is this sad?). I was dazzled by all the ideas, ideas in profusion, clever uses, grand gestures, wonderful colours. The execution disappoints me sometimes, but when you think we-the-people are the recipients it is breath-taking for the price. Other stores have my number - Conran's anyone? - but I love the exuberance and generosity of Ikea. They are so relentlessly essence-oriented, not image-oriented, not branding-oriented. I think William Morris would have approved.

On the other hand I am slightly ashamed of liking anything by Ralph Lauren, so preppy and elite and waspish.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Memories of France

This blog has definitely been taking a back seat to cabinonthewater and general busy-ness - maybe I have been thinking less!

This photo was one of Stefan's presents to me, just what I've always wanted.