Sunday, July 19, 2009


True summer heat, brutal and relentless but then we asked for it, driving in an open car up to Novato, like entering an oven. Coming back I could feel the temperature drop - first, my ears stopped throbbing, then the arm beside the window stopped burning, and finally I could feel delicious cool little runnels in my interstices. I am so glad, just so heartily thankful that we live by the water.

Everything is interesting right now, from recipes and fabrics to old friends, to NEW friends, work... I am both sick of marketing and keen to push on with it. I tell myself that I need discomfort to rout complacency, that it keeps my edge (if I have an edge to begin with). I am certainly not warm fuzzy, resting on my laurels. I need a few more laurels to make that comfortable. If I felt secure, I'd just worry about other stuff.


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