Monday, July 06, 2009


We ate outside this evening despite the cool breeze coming straight from the Pacific, engrossed in the three swallow fledglings sitting on the rail of the dock waiting for their mother, who had obviously said, "Stay there!" They fluffed their feathers in the sun and tried brave short hops over the water, while she flew past and fed them one at a time without even hovering - you can see her in the middle of the top photo. Truly miraculous.

I am finding the data entry far easier today, my synapses must have adjusted. Maybe the fierce exercise of ripping up the carpet (cathartic), or maybe the delicious, forbidden sun-bathing has refreshed my spirit. The porch looks far better in its naked state, all cleanly painted and bare except for the floor, which is scraped and bare but strange colours. I need to mend the cracks, then prime, then paint, but I don't want it to look TOO respectable. and all of that is rather secondary to our two business ventures, which take up every minute.

I have stigmata from the nails in the skirting boards.


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