Friday, July 03, 2009

Cheering Up

Building blocks for the effort to pull self from the slough:
gardened and swept up leaves, planted out geranium cuttings and took honeysuckle slips, to replace the starveling bougainvillea.

Took delicious picnic to China Camp and ate right on the beach under a tree, admiring the shacks, the boats and the babies, and the glorious smell of the maquis.

Finished all 300 database Pinot entries.

Lovely chat with my insomniac mum, from her laptop.

Painted toenails.

That little lot should do it.

Anoushik just rang from the bank to say my business Visa has been approved with a limit of $7000. What are they smoking?!

PS also walked Buckley in a limpid, moody summer evening, and got a handful more of honeysuckle.


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