Sunday, June 21, 2009


Felix's Aeropress makes heavenly coffee!

Buckley escaped this morning and came to our gate, so I rang Tom then went walking with Buckley round the marina, amazed at the erosion and wetness from high tide last night, and of course, more to come. The whole thing is going to wash away, the sea wall is breached in three places.

A sociable weekend, the Crushpad party where I actually met people I knew, the to Mary's garden party where of course I also met people I knew, and some very nice ones I know now. I hadn't realised Mary's garden is one third of an acre and runs right down to the lagoon, and of course since she is the proprietor of Quite Contrary Gardening, amazingly laid out and planted.

This morning we will have breakfast for Father's Day with Cissy and George, and the boys are coming over at about four o'clock. All good. And a fig from our own tree, perfectly ripe and tasting of honey.


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