Monday, June 29, 2009

An Extroverted Sunday

Saturday we shot all the Seattle cushions, Sunday I finished the last thirteen China Blue letters then we dressed smartly and off to Fort Mason for Pinot Days, which was wonderful! I could never have foreseen that several people spotted my trade name-tag and said yes, I've seen your trailer, or, you worked with Jamie, and one man had seen us filming at wineries for the Pomo Indians and remembered. First time for that sort of recognition in America, I took it for granted in our circles in London. The whole event was jumping, and professional, with knowledgeable drinkers, a pleasure.

Stefan had parked in Chrissy Fields (dropping me off out of consideration for my high heels), so we walked back across the grass watching San Francisco at play, kites flying, bikes, scooters, skates, little children on family picnics, then drove to William's place where he was recovering form a three-hour bike ride. Felix came back and we all talked and disputed, and Felix put my first Mombasa up on Etsy and introduced me to Google Analytics. Have to get my keywords right.

Sunday Ned and Drew called in on granny before heading back to Brisbane and she Skyped me so we could chat - Norma and Mike were rowing a marathon (quad) on the Tweed, but of course that was Saturday for me, still counter-intuitive.

We called in on George, Cissy and Monika on the way back and stayed for a wonderful al fresco supper, saw new website, which is most wonderfully innovative, and showed them our latest achievements, then rolled home to our little cat, and the lights shining on the water.


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