Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Awake Again

It may be Sad to take a photo of your fridge, but I want a record of it clean.

Breakfast: a black fig fresh from my tree, with yoghurt, sesame seeds and honey.
4am snack: leftovers, standing up.

The fridge is now making a noise like those old-fashioned country instruments, home-made from a box with a long neck attached, and a string to be plucked like a double bass. There's gratitude for you. It originates in the ice compartment but stops when I open the fridge door.

I have sucked the ancestry thing as dry as I care to, but had one thought. The Jabaz Gutteridge born in 1856 in Barton, Beds, brother of my many greats grandfather and spelt various ways : could he possibly have been saying 'James' to the census taker through heavy adenoids? After all, I found the Rodmans in the 1881 census purely by chance, as someone had spelt them 'Roadments'.


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