Monday, September 08, 2008

Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

3am start - oh merciful heaven! I realised when we got back before noon that we had already put in a seven-hour day. A glorious nap just naturally happened.

This week has been packed, working Tuesday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday and now Monday, when the weather changed and for the first time we had the mists rising through the vineyards, and cool, damp conditions. We are more than delighted with what we are getting (apart from an upset stomach from the grapes).

The jack-rabbits are fascinating, far better lines than a standard English rabbit, more like a gracile, heraldic hare, but with translucent ears and a grave, alert presence. I love them.

Yesterday Carolyn and I walked along the bay to the brick-works to collect driftwood, far too much to lug home so we left it in a pile to come back with the car. On the way back we bumped into new-Mary so she came home with us, and we practiced Cajun zydeco dancing until Stefan pulled up with the car. I love this neighbourhood.

I built my driftwood fence straight away despite the sun, a shelter for the barbeque and aesthetic screen between us and the next house. Two planks had actual barnacles, two were from a smashed boat with remnants of blue paint, and all of them were deliciously weathered and holey. I made a gas bottle cosy in black to make it less prominent and I am very taken with the whole effect, while at the same time realising this is an acquired taste. sigh.

William gave me The Artist's Way for my birthday so I have started it again, last time was twelve years ago so I am probably too sane now, and totally creatively unblocked. It is fun though. And in the name of justice I record that Felix came over with a pie and lit candle, singing, with flowers, and Cissy and I had a formal hanselling picnic in her office garden.

Dentist tomorrow, loose crown, discovered through the excessive sweetness of the grapes.


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