Saturday, September 13, 2008

Casting in Concrete

My leaf casting was not a success - as I picked up the biggest the edge gave way, and the whole thing seems very friable. So it is either back to the drawing board or giving up, and I'm inclined towards giving up. Where would I have used them anyway?

I am far more excited about the driftwood row of hooks for my bathroom, really just the stumps of branches but they all face upwards. I had been thinking how to make a little jig to put it through the table saw. but suddenly considered the planer which has done an excellent job, making the back flat to fit along the wall.

I have a headache, probably from the three and a half hours of expensive dentistry yesterday. The shoot is off for today but we have two starting later in the week, one to Tijuana and one to San Jose for separate clients.

I have been reading about Durkheimian values and the failure of liberals to appreciate Republican values of hierarchy, structure, and purity/sacredness. Read here:


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