Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Small Thoughts

A long hot bath has done a lot to soak out the caked grime of the last week. I remember Sheila saying how in summer it was impossible to keep your feet clean if you walk freely and enthusiastically, and I find myself often thinking: she is right!

It has gone a way towards eliminating all the little black points on my hands, since I fall upon the thorns of life with regularity. William helped me lever out one which was festering, but the others just sit under the skin, providing plot.

In Girl of the Limberlost the weathered old mother comes to her senses, stops mourning her lost husband and slathers herself in some folk remedy (which would make her fortune if she marketed it) to reveal pearly, glowing skin. She then re-enters the world of genteel drawing rooms and marcel waves, when her deeply alternative and empassioned life before was infinitely more interesting. The world of fiction. It holds up a mirror to us all in our folly.

It feels unnatural not to be setting off at this hour, hence the blogging.


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