Sunday, March 23, 2008

Begone, Dull Care

Last night Ashraf threw a marvellous party for his son Asif and bride Kiran, who were married in Lahore in January. I have never seen San Francisco City Hall look like that before - tables decked in shot taffeta and gold- embroidered cloths, flower arrangements four feet across, and the rotunda lit with ethereal gold and pink, the marble floors - it took my breath away. The food could have served four times the number who were there, there was a a ballet, "The Bollywood Divas" before dancing.

Such beautiful women! All ages, from Baba in her wheelchair to a two-year old like a little flower. Everyone danced, even before the disco. I was surprised the number of people I knew, though I had never met the bride and knew Asif only from the ballet. It was magical, and I haven't even mentioned the music, sittar and tabla, and a singer I suspect is famous, who sat plump and cross-legged and belted out songs at terrific speed and volume and you just had to dance.


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