Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Two Bob Watch

Well, here I am blogging when I should be painting backdrops for five interviews today! In two hours!

After sitting patiently through five hours of taped interviews the other day - ten hours of tape as we had two cameras - I think back to the old days when film was expensive and came in 400 foot rolls, and interviews got to the point p.d.q.. When we conduct interviews we usually get what we want in twenty minutes or so, plenty for what is usually a short segment. Well well, we are doing this one on a day rate for the money, and have nothing to do with the nightmare of editing it.

Not only that, but as the last subject (who had been the victim of a grave miscarriage of justice) droned uninterrupted through two one-hour tapes, I began to suspect that there was a lot he was leaving out of his high-flown tale, and that his persecutors might have had their reasons.


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