Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A While

I have been occupied the past few days with the general business of life, and haven't missed blogging. I am astounded.

I woke this morning musing how easy I am on myself now, and how irrelevant it makes all the articles on stress and organising, pleasing and self-assertion. There is hardly a woman's magazine that wouldn't bore me, with all their running on the spot, like Alice.

I am happy as a clam, flooring the attic with the lovely broad old boards which had been stored, and resolutely outing all the short ends and debris accumulated up there. In between times I have been washing up by hand, doing it perversely well to shame the dishwasher. Yesterday I started stripping the sheets of wood for the ceiling, and hope to put it up today. Too early to start sawing yet...

Have I said how much I love my new keyboard, and how it is inspiring me to touch-type again?

It is spring now because the mimosa is in full bloom, and a thundering chorus of frogs serenade me at night. I wonder all over again what frogs are doing in salt water.

Cissy introduced me to a program called, and I have been having eye-opening fun with it - who knew walnuts were so, er, rich? And I had been eating them by the handful, no wonder I am more generously proportioned than I thought strictly fair. So for the past four days I have faithfully recorded my every bite and exertion, and it is wonderfully supportive of discipline, has dear little pie-charts and graphs but not those irritating menus of foods I would never dream of eating. Could I possibly rediscover my waist?


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