Friday, January 04, 2008

and Cosy Here Beneath the Blast...

This morning the inlet is about 24" higher than the tide of 5'9", San Rafael/ Richmond Bridge is closed as four big-rigs have blown over, power is out all over the Bay, San Anselmo is flooded, so is the 101. I have been following it all on the deliciously parochial Bay Area news channels, only too happy to stay indoors and sew, while the wind howls and the rain blows horizontally.

Drama next door- this from Dee: "First time I've actually seen water over the end of the dock. So great that our power stayed on, everyone else I know had NO power. Scout had a blast with puddles galore! Ollie, Glenn's white cat, finally fell off the deck last night. Ed heard him
crying and saw him soaking wet sitting on the crossbeams under the house... I went and got the parents and Glenn hung out over the water and caught a cat."

As I climbed over the remains of the arbour there was a frantic scrabbling under the honeysuckle and two fat voles panicked out like circus clowns, displaced from their burrows. First time I have seen them (apart from the damage they do), but there is truce in times of emergency.

It's raining all over the world. M'bah is in torrents, and even rain in Sydney, Nom said. And L.A.

The model shoot went really well yesterday, I think I will have to post a link once it is edited. The cyclorama worked better than I had hoped, anyone want a 10'x30' chromakey blue cuddly?


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