Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Contrarian

Norma has just reminded me how refreshing it is to read an opposing view, which is why I was so taken with the Christian Wife book.

It is Easter Sunday, bread and lamb in the oven, we rowed Corte Madera Creek this morning and Felix managed to get back into the boat midstream, not easy. I had to keep doing pivot turns until the fourth time I approached the dock someone took pity of me and held my oar so I didn't shoot past (again). All good stuff.

All my menfolk are looking deliciously handsome with new haircuts, so I am enjoying it. Even Suscipe is sleek - and I soaked myself in Easter Masses this morning, from Mozart to Rutter, Glagolitic this evening, because it is windy and to me the Slav sounds like a high wind, to be enjoyed in March.

I am giving in on the hop, will plant solanum instead. sigh.


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