Thursday, March 22, 2007


We drove the Jeep out this evening just to get away, going on the back roads to enjoy the winding hills and scented air (not that I carry on about the scented air to Stefan as suggestion makes his hay fever worse). We had Mexican food and a pleasant wander around before back to the treadmill.

Things that please me:

dyed my eyebrows and like the simplicity of it
cut my hair and am very happy with the line, long and plain on top, sleek behind the ears
scrubbed and mopped, so happy with the basics
at 4am couldn't sleep so arranged all my necklaces, Moroccan amber and silver, Tibetan coral, all that glitters in piratical piles over the big tray of driftwood and shells on my dresser
I am reading seafaring novels, very refreshing
am driving the Jeep for preference, crunching the gears but it feels simple
I am happy with my underwear, my exercise regime and my outreach
deeper into Tarot; not readings as such, but research and contemplation
I finally fished Dee's plate out of the silt from my kayak
I can see well with my new lenses
don't need any more clothes - or any more anything come to that

All that said, I am restless for a bigger canvas, more scope, more challenge. The foundations are solid: what next?


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