Friday, January 09, 2009

And Smugger

I have a new light in my 6' x 2'6" office, and it is so much easier to type. I just snaffled the desk light from behind my sofa, because I have six pendant lights on a dimmer above it now, don't I? It highlights the lengths I will go to not to have to cross to the East Bay to Ikea. Call it recycling.

I intend to recycle some of the four sets of nested bowls I have accumulated in addition to one-offs and salad bowls. Which ones: probably the metal ones. I love bowls but this is ridiculous.

Next is to go through all my clothes and throw out. I tend to wear things out while clinging to the concept of the garment at its best so I might need a fresh pair of eyes on this, but since my friends here to a man have vastly larger wardrobes than I do I hardly know which way to turn. Daughter?


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