Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have had a rather blissful couple of days while Stefan is in Las Vegas, eating chicken liver for breakfast, finishing the floor, routing my wardrobe, drawers, bathroom cabinets, kitchen and sideboard so that everything is folded, ordered and re-organised. Except my files and office...

I even have two empty drawers in the kitchen, although one is turning into the Things we Rarely if Ever Use drawer for the turkey baster, grill handles, sushi mat etc.. The other is the Sweetie Drawer.

I buggered my back doing heroic weeding in the front paddock and shifting logs, so slept in this morning with heated pad and a new copy of Vogue from Mary. The most energetic thing I did was clear the silly little vents in the kitchen tap filter with a needle. We certainly are getting enough iron.

New fence next week - I can hardly wait.


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