Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Om Pa Pa Encore

Chanting last night, the first class I have found in years of searching, and local too. I just slipped right in.

A late start for the shoot this morning so I luxuriated in bed, enjoying the lilac on the bedside table, geraniums outside, Suscipe sweetly asleep beneath the telescope, and the elegant satin and chiffon pyjamas Carolyn gave me, which Annie gave her, which someone else gave Annie - is there something I don't know about these garments? I love them, and they are very flattering, classic, with modest pockets perfectly placed on the jacket.

I cut and fitted the grid walnut panels not only for the side of the fridge, but for the side of the shelves on the other wall and am totally ta'en on with them. Need more paint before I can fix them permanently, but will post photos then, because I won't be able to stop myself.

The new door casings/ductwork under the projector work perfectly too, the exposed wires had been irritating me for the past two years. They need filling and painting, and I think I'll repaint the bathroom while this energy is upon me.


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