Saturday, January 12, 2008


The sun is out and so was I, all the way up the hill before coming down to a late breakfast, all the windows flung open and the Swoon Collection on iTunes.

The assembly of my breakfast made me uncomfortably aware of the way choices shape day-to-day life, uncomfortable because I have the puritan conviction that character is formed when we have no more external options. When your back is to the wall you know where the wall is. In part this must be influence by From the Holy Mountain, reading about sixth century hermits and the injustice of the Palestine settlement steers the mind away from frivolity. It increases my dismay at fundamentalist of any stripe too, raising ideology over humanity. I sit here in California where distraction from unpleasantness fuels entire industries.

I think I shall do something madly practical today. we are working next weekend in the wine country again -that will be hard.


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